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Nov. 20th — JLF promotes Swanson to president and CEO as 25th anniversary approaches

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Oct. 21th — Latest jobs report yields 'excellent' news for North Carolina

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Sep. 15th — N.C. can build on economic momentum with capital gains tax cut

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Aug. 28th — Fracking fluid consists almost entirely of water, sand
Aug. 20th — New N.C. budget sets better course for future spending plans
Aug. 12th — Report cuts through hype and details facts of fracking

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Jul. 30th — Block grants, tax credits would help improve N.C. Medicaid
Jul. 10th — N.C. lawmakers should make history, scrap e-cigarette tax

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Jun. 23rd — Wilmington keeps No. 4 spot in annual N.C. tax burden ranking
Jun. 23rd — Chapel Hill, Durham, and Cary in top 10 for N.C. local tax burdens
Jun. 23rd — Greensboro drops, Winston-Salem, High point climb on tax burden list
Jun. 23rd — Rocky Mount maintains No. 26 rank in annual tax burden list
Jun. 23rd — New Bern drops, Kinston climbs in annual tax burden ranking
Jun. 23rd — Catawba tumbles to No. 76 in annual tax-and-fee burden list
Jun. 23rd — Greenville ranks among most frugal in N.C. tax burden list
Jun. 23rd — Fayetteville holds fourth-lowest ranking in JLF tax burden list
Jun. 23rd — Charlotte regains top spot on annual N.C. tax-and-fee burden list
Jun. 23rd — Asheville tax burden holds steady at No. 7 in annual N.C. ranking
Jun. 23rd — Charlotte reclaims top spot in annual JLF tax burden list
Jun. 20th — Latest jobs reports show strong growth in North Carolina
Jun. 18th — JLF budget tool would generate $667 million for teacher raises, surplus
Jun. 2nd — JLF's Agenda 2014 helps advance liberty, prosperity, growth

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May. 29th — Senate budget shifts money from lower priorities to boost teacher pay
May. 20th — Academic research shows N.C. education reforms moving in the right direction
May. 14th — Governor's budget plan covers top priorities without leaving N.C. in the red

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Apr. 28th — Haywood would create new hurdle for local businesses with 50 percent tax hike
Apr. 18th — Latest employment data bolster case for fiscally conservative N.C. approach
Apr. 15th — Academic research backs N.C. reforms reducing tax, regulatory burdens

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Mar. 17th — New data show 2013 was strongest year for N.C. job growth since Great Recession
Mar. 6th — Nation's most stringent Map Act leads to problems for N.C. property owners

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Feb. 19th — New commissions should look into changing or replacing Common Core
Feb. 5th — New JLF guide urges local governments to focus on freedom
Feb. 3rd — Newly released employment data rebut dubious claims about N.C. employment changes

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Jan. 28th — Latest jobs report shows strong growth for North Carolina economy
Jan. 16th — N.C. tax reforms to benefit every income group, new study shows

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