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Oct. 18th Fiscal Insight Why Are Gas Taxes So High?
Oct. 17th Rights & Regulation Anticompetitive licensure gets an overdue judicial check-up
Oct. 16th Environment Does Obamacare guarantee a right to health care?
Oct. 16th Education Dance with a turnip -- it's National School Lunch Week!
Oct. 16th Health Care Direct Primary Care Becoming More Popular?
Oct. 14th Fiscal Insight Healthcare in the Budget
Oct. 10th Rights & Regulation No, don't deny forced-sterilization victims compensation on a technicality
Oct. 8th Environment James Hansen and the N&O vs Reality
Oct. 7th Fiscal Insight Sales Taxes are big on the November ballot
Oct. 7th Education DPI budget cuts: Rhetoric and reality
Oct. 3rd Health Care Medicaid Expansion Could Take Away Resources From Most Vulnerable Citizens
Oct. 2nd Education Guilford taxpayers asked to pony up for schools
Oct. 2nd Rights & Regulation Another landmark study finds no groundwater contamination from fracking


DateResearch TopicNewsletter
Sep. 23rd Environment And the trend continues
Sep. 19th Rights & Regulation The fracking process doesn't contaminate drinking water, not even in Texas
Sep. 18th Fiscal Insight The Facts on Education Spending
Sep. 17th Education More money, multiple messages, and media musings
Sep. 17th Rights & Regulation Being vs. seeming in the minimum-wage debate
Sep. 15th Fiscal Insight Municipal services and how they are funded
Sep. 12th Health Care Reducing Health Care Costs -- Less Regulation and More Transparency
Sep. 12th Environment Get out your coats: Reduce all CO2 emissions in the US, cool off by .25 degrees F
Sep. 10th Education Test scores and graduation rates for 2013-14: Part 2
Sep. 10th Fiscal Insight Where does the lottery money really go?
Sep. 5th Education Test scores and graduation rates for 2013-14
Sep. 4th Rights & Regulation Work at today's minimum wage is better than 'moral' unemployment
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