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September 8, 2007

Cumberland County Business Council, again

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 10:54 PM

The News and Observer reports, "Rand, a Democrat, said he and Commerce Secretary Jim Fain flew last year to Akron, Ohio, the headquarters of Goodyear, to discuss ways to make sure the plant stayed in Fayetteville. Earlier this year, top Goodyear officials met with Easley in Raleigh, Rand said."

The Fayetteville Observer learns that the Business Council's survey was not done "several years ago" as previous reported, but just last year, and yet the Business Council is still peddling the story that it's study was completely unrelated to Goodyear.

We first made our questions known yesterday after the Business Council's president wrote a letter to all state legislators, but refused to offer any information about the study.

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TIME Magazine crosses the line

Posted by Joseph Coletti at 9:57 PM

In a listing of the 50 worst cars ever, Time Magazine slimes the Model T and Explorer because they were successful, the EV1 because electric vehicles were not commercially viable in time to meet California's fuel efficiency requirements. Consider these lines

  • Model T: A century later, the consequences of putting every living soul on gas-powered wheels are piling up, from the air over our cities to the sand under our soldiers' boots. [emphasis added]
  • Explorer people became addicted to the pose

That line about the Explorer applies just as much to the Prius, which sells better than other hybrids because of the instant green posing drivers can do, regardless how much they have to rely on carbon offsets in the rest of their lives.

Among the cars that deserve to be on the list is the 2002 BMW 7-Series.

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Highlights from 'Spinning the Web'

Posted by Mitch Kokai at 8:10 PM

The topic of politics in the Internet age convinced people to give up much of their Saturday to head to a joint Institute of Political Leadership/John Locke Foundation conference, "Spinning The Web," in Research Triangle Park.

Participants heard a series of panels covering the topic from different angles. The following links offer video highlights.

The New Online Campaign

  • Jon Henke of New Media Strategies discusses here the influence of blogs.
  • Zephyr Teachout of the Duke Law School, a veteran of the Howard Dean presidential campaign, discusses here the mixed reaction to the Internet's role in politics.
  • George Taylor of Elon's Institute for Politics and Public Affairs discusses here the Internet's role in society's democratization.

Web Tools for Political Reporting

  • Mark Binker of the Greensboro News & Record discusses here a new Internet-inspired element in N.C. political csmpaigning. (Later panelist Ryan Teague Beckwith has more here.) 
  • Laura Leslie of WUNC Public Radio shares here a potential downside of reporters relying on the Internet and blogs. 
  • Ryan Thornburg of the UNC-CH journalism school explains here how the Internet has changed the relationship between reporters and sources.

Blogs and the Political Conversation

  • Blogger and News & Record columnist Ed Cone warns here that people should avoid using a single blog as a news source. 
  • Blogger Mary Katharine Ham discusses here the capability of blogs to generate much more information for debates about politics and other topics. 
  • Ryan Teague Beckwith of the News & Observer explains here that blogs give people a venue for challenging traditional media. 

Beckwith also wins the prize for funniest self-deprecating media reference. You'll find it here

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